May 18, 2020

Due to the current "Virus"  condition our fly line manufacturing plant has been shut down since March 15th. We are currently out of stock on DT4, DT5 and WF7 with DT3s running low. We have an adequate inventory on DTs and WFs  not listed above.Production was scheduled to begin again on May 18th but I haven't heard  any news yet. I just wanted everyone to know the reason we out of stock on some popular lines. We normally  have  a time of six weeks from ordering to  shipment but when production begins again I expect that time to increase to three months.

I would suggest trying one of our dealers listed on the DEALER page for lines out of stock. Please make sure to ask them if they have your line in stock as they won't be able to order any from us.

Thanks for your patience. This is just a temporary blip for us and we have all lines on order to be filled as soon as possible.

Tom & Alexis